If you look at the developmen

20/02/2015 19:21

If you look at the development of medical technology and hospital policies for endless ranging from INA-DRG program, Case Mix, Hospital Management Information System, to medical imaging and medical engineering. The edges are on patient care and patient safety. The hospital is not sufficient reason to override the 2 elements because of efforts in this field like two sides of a coin are inseparable. One side is a social organization and one side is a business institution. But lately this function shifts more to right than to the left. This means that the social function of the RS has begun to shift to a less dominant.

One of the things that cause this shift one of which is the ability of technology and human resources that hospitals tend not balanced. On the one hand, computer information technology is growing fast but on the other hand human ability to move passively even stagnant. This causes a wide range of IT equipment and medical technology does not reach maximum capacity when medical devices almost predictable "definitely" expensive. Though the peralatan2 obtained by debt or lease of supplier companies. Errors and maintenance procedures using the tools and technologies that tergangunya utility detrimental RS income. In addition, expensive equipment maintenance costs are a burden because it does not have spare parts in Indonesia.