The burden is now

20/02/2015 19:21

The burden is now used as a reason why access to technology services in expensive hospital. To cover the operational costs are not uncommon management to charge it to the patient's hospital is not objective. Counting the tail will raise the cost of service is very expensive.

One solution is the mastery of medical technology. Use of products the nation needs to be increased even more. Ultrasound local products, ECG, Nebulizer, wheelchair, Bed ICU, Stethoscope to minor surgical tool is now produced by the Indonesian people. Regarding the quality of some of it was still not able to match foreign products but most had the same berkualitasnya even better. More and more domestic products are used, the logic will better the quality because it will be increasingly found weaknesses so we need to always fix it.
Penelitian2 field of biomedical engineering has been done by our researchers, there's even a school. If at first there DIII Elektromedik UGM, now grown in the presence of Biomedical Engineering S2 is at ITB, UI, UGM and ITS.
4.       Developments tegnologi Medicine
The development of medical technology has brought us to no longer need to create a "window", but enough to make the "keyhole" on the body (Key-Hole Surgery). Furthermore, in the "keyhole" was installed a sleeve-shaped tool, which is then used as places for the various kinds of equipment, such as a camera, scissors, knives or vacuum.