Tegnologi derived from a term meaning teckne art (art) or skill. According to the Dictionary of Science, technology is the application of theoretical knowledge to practical problems.

Understanding the technology can not be separated from the natural sciences (the nature of science) and engineering (engineering). Natural science is the input for the process engineering knowledge, while technology is the result of the engineering process.
Among the three, the IPA uses symbol-symbol surest communication such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology so it is likely to be misunderstood small. Engineering process, of course, using symbol-symbol used in science, but also a little Engineering using languages ​​used in the social sciences so easy to understand. So Engineering is a middle region, which can use the symbol-symbol in IPA and also able to comprehend because there is social science. While the technology, because they function is to facilitate human activity then it should be understood by humans so that the technology