Chile How to Master the South American Football

25/06/2016 05:41

Who is the king of South American football? Nowadays, not Brazil, nor Argentina answer. Chile now who deserve the predicate. Because the team nicknamed La Roja it holds the Copa America trophy in 2015 which is a sign of football supremacy in the CONCACAF zone.

Chile's special achievement was held in the country last year. In the final match, they were able to defeat Argentina strengthened Lionel Messi. So, hadirlah first trophy Copa America squad into the hands of La Roja.

Gait Chile lately is incredible. Prior to 2015, they are the losers in all competitions. Copa America they had never juarai. Their best achievements only runner-up in 1955 and 1956. At the same World Cup. Achievement of the greatest La Roja just finished as third at the 1962 World Cup.

In fact, Chile was able to bear the world-class players. Once they have the attackers such as Marcelo Salas and Ivan Zamorano. However, slick feat never achieved.

However, the situation has now changed. Chile became a respected force in South America and even the world. Ahead of the Copa America Centenario, with status as defending champions, La Roja still holds the status as favorites.

Chile's success can not be separated from a long way find a typical game system. It all starts with the recruitment of Marcelo Bielsa as coach in 2007. The man from Argentina who was known as an eccentric clever strategist develop the team is able to deliver a distinctive character to play Chile.

Bielsa is a unique figure. He grew up witnessing two great coaches who have a passion Argentina game system opposite, namely Carlos Bilardo and Cesar Luis Menotti. Simply put, Bilardo is a supporter of pragmatic games. Anything will do as long as the team wins. Meanwhile, Menotti could be called an idealist. He deify the beautiful game than the result of the match.

Bilardo and Menotti's influence is so great for Argentine football. Bielsa was inevitably absorb two "teaching" them. However, instead emulate, he made a "middle way" in the flow of football ala Bilardo or Menotti. That has applied to Chile which became the foundation of the character of the current game.

Bielsa Chile instructed that offensive play. So dare to attack, La Roja are often referred to as Barcelona South America because it always seeks to rise and dominate the game with possession. Obviously the influence Menottti so thick.

However, Bielsa also absorb the teachings of Bilardo. He instructed his players to brave duel and play hard on the court. As a result, La Roja squad filled by the powerful and explosive players like Arturo Vidal, Alexis Sanchez and Gary Medel. They are all known as a tireless fighter.

"Bielsa can change the mentality of football Chile," said the radio narrator who cover football Chile, Ernesto Díaz, told Remezcla. "I do not know for sure but Chile is now playing its own game, they play their football. Earlier, we used to play with courage but without a plan or strategy. Bielsa gives personality in our football. "

Maximum Support

Job Bielsa became the basis for La Roja to develop. Coach Jorge Sampaoli finally completes it all. He continued basis made by Bielsa. As a result, idealism "middle way" between the flow of football Bilardo and Menotti desirable Bielsa able to be realized by Sampaoli. The fruit is a trophy Copa America 2015. In addition, anyone now definitely reluctant to meet face La Roja.

Chile success story be an inspiration to anyone who wants to lift the performance of football country. As in some other parts of the world, the people of Chile are known to support La Roja with all their heart. Compared, they gave support to the national team like no other team in the world. It was reflected in the average number of home games Chile which was watched by 60 thousand spectators in the stadium.

Chile People do it because really aware that La Roja is a representation of the state. They are rated as the ambassadors of foreign countries, so it gets full support.

However, unlike other teams, the maximum support obtained does not become a burden for the Chile national team. It was even used as a spirit booster, so at some point, La Roja are already bored with the defeat. As a result, they are looking for a quality coach like Bielsa and Sampaoli and willing to follow his directions. As a result, the hallmark of Chile game is now visible.

Even so, not only the hard work of national team coach who made La Roja flourish. The ability of Chile in the spawn quality players who could penetrate European competition since the old days is a sign that the basis of their football has been going well. This is what must be owned by other countries if it is to such as Chile. If you already have one, they can be as Chile suddenly became king in South American football.