America and Europe have a rivalry that was so long in so many ways,volquest football is no exception. In football, a few times a second competition had even passed the reasonable limit. In 2016, American and European football competition appeared in the form of inter-regional competition. Europe will hold the European Cup, while the Americas will hold the Copa America.

Europe can just brag European Cup as inter-regional football competition, but at the European Cup can not happen if there were no Copa America. Yes, the Copa America was first held rather than the European Cup. The competition was first held in 1916 to commemorate 100 years of independence of Argentina. Well, this edition is made to pay the debt on the convening of the first edition of the Copa America in the past.

On several factors that make this tournament interesting above, this year's Copa America is believed to be fierce. Some national teams playing in the tournament is expected to pull out all his best. Because, citing US national team coach, Jurgen Klinsmann, "tournament this time is the centennial celebration. You will only be able to win once in a lifetime. "

Klinsmann statement proved that all the teams participating in the tournament will take every effort to get the best results, not least the United States are known as a superior state.

United States is not a country that has a long history in football. In fact, when compared to their neighboring country, Mexico, the United States still lags behind football. Not surprisingly, this year they set a target champion despite the odds.

Expenses United States is arguably the tournament doubles. The reason, in addition to the target champion of Jurgen Klinsmann, the United States also have the burden of "happy" participants and spectators off the field.

In the field, Uncle Sam is in Group A with Colombia, Costa Rica, and Paraguay. On paper, the US is believed likely will qualify for the knockout stage after a good performance in the match test match. But the struggle of the United States will not be as easy as in the game test match. Because of their opponents in the group stage are more severe than in the test match. One of them is a Colombian who became the dark horse of the 2014 World Cup then.

Heavy opponents will be met by the United States in the knockout round. Therefore, the champion of the Copa America 15 times, Uruguay, world champions ever, Brazil, as well as a star-studded national teams, Argentina, likely to escape from their group with ease.

The United States also has the task off the field, particularly in terms of facilities and increase the passion of football spectators in the land of Uncle Sam. The United States also pursue a mission to get "happiness" outside the field. Tens of thousands of workers were mobilized to pursue the target two years of development and improvement of facilities. On the financial side, 100 million dollars borrowed by the USSF to close loopholes everywhere.

The hard work of the United States to make the Copa America Centenario went well at last began to receive recognition from several parties, one of which is John Guppy, the former 1994 World Cup workers who now have a soccer marketing firm.

"Compared with the opening of the Major League Soccer (in 1995), the tournament is more attracted many people to watch a football game man, since the 1994 World Cup," he said.

"In terms of implementation of aspects of the event, pre-event tournament success proves that the United States is ready to host it," he added, linking success with the US plan to host the 2026 World Cup.

Not just about facilities, ticketing and sponsorship, the United States even dared to claim this event will be like a World Cup filled with sponsors. Tickets are delivered to the second party, StarHub, called the organizers nearing sold out.

Problem sponsor, Copa America Centenario be one of the summer's tournament fastest gain links and spending for advertising space.

"I do not know if there are other countries like the United States were able to get sponsors and selling advertising in a faster tempo," said Kathy Carter, President of Soccer United Marketing, which is part of the commercial MLS.

Well, with the goal of achieving results on and off the field, what is the conviction of Kevin Baxter, President of the USSF, likely to happen. To note, Baxter said that, "The success of getting the attention of all the people, both in the field and outside the field, will prove that the United States is the country of football."



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